Hire without bias using video recruitment

ByL J Doulton

Hire without bias using video recruitment

Employers and Recruiters can sometimes be biased or potentially unfair, judging by diversity over talent. The problem with this is we can all be unintentionally biased, especially when hiring as it’s a part of human nature and the less information we have to make decisions, the more of these judgements we make.

Bias views happen subconsciously. Our brain is designed to respond to human identities and can be affected by almost anything which is how ‘stereotypes’ that you find in our society is formed. What backs this up is that many of the surveys done say that most job seekers consider hiring processes biased for this exact reason.

Video recruitment used properly gives more information and helps de-bias opinions made when looking at the paper version of an application on its own and assists in recalling a candidate’s response. Video interviews can be replayed to multiple staff members giving you time to analyse along with as many professional opinions as you need, decreasing the chance of any unintentional biases.

Modern interviews can be unstructured, making them more likely to be subject to bias. When using our video interviews, applicants are asked the same questions, in the same order, in the same environment, creating an equal and accurate experience for everyone.

Our AI can provide great ways to screen and identify the best candidates using algorithms to assess human qualities, bypassing assumptions we all fall victim to consequently predicting the right person for each specific role.

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We can all be unconsciously biased, but we shouldn’t dismiss talent because of it. Using technology can provide a more accurate and fair judgment as well as a better experience for candidates – are your hiring practices up to date?

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