Specialist Recruitment Services

L J Doulton Ltd is a Recruitment Consultancy based in Bristol specialising in implementing recruitment processes and technologies into businesses. We also provide customised Onsite and Outsourced Recruitment services for permanent and temporary positions across the UK.


Our Business Terms are built to create healthy relationships with transparency in mind while reducing costs. Our rate does not fluctuate, and we financially reward for business commitment.


We fill temporary and permanent positions across the UK. We provide advertising, shortlisting & screening, interview management and you can customise the level of support needed.


We provide technology and guidance on industry best practices, training and onsite assistance with 'off the shelf' recruitment tools to designing and building bespoke systems.


View video based applications & interview online improving your capability to reach and meet candidates quickly & share results with your team.


Get broken down characteristics identifing consistencies in an applicants’s behavior which will help measure their suitability for the role.


We swiftly inherit your company culture, providing on-site resourcing and great communications, specialising in understanding your business.

Recruitment Solutions & Technology

Looking to bring recruitment in-house?

What is Empathic Recruitment℠?

Positivity and negativity are contagious in a working environment. The path your team goes down is strongly influenced by who you recruit. Empathic Recruitment℠ helps shortlist based on best personality suited to your business as well as academics and previous experience.

We include video recruitment and psychometric profiling alongside the paper-based application process. This gives insight into both academics and personality effortlessly. You'll know what each application is like far better and this will positively influence who you'll go on to interview.

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