Specialised Recruitment Consultancy

L J Doulton is a recruitment consultancy established in Bristol, providing dynamic permanent and contract recruitment services for businesses in England. We always meet businesses face-to-face to understand your requirements, company culture and business ethics.

Our aim is simple, to change Recruitment Best Practices. We want to highlight the importance of personality with a process allowing hirers to see these in job applications. We created a method that takes advantage of new knowledge and technology. It saves time, money and most importantly, finds the best person for your business, not just the right CV.


We adapted our recruitment pricing agreements. Our Business Terms create healthy relationships while reducing costs. Our rate does not fluctuate, and we financially reward business commitment.


Migrate vacancies to us on a job to job basis. We provide advertising, candidate screening and interview management while incorporating what’s best for both candidate and employer.


Redefine your internal recruitment technique. We provide a full procedure analysis, reviewing forecasted requirements and budget with a full implementation of a refined approach.


View a virtual profile of potential candidates with a video interview, improving your search for career worthy people, and analysing social competencies.


We find career driven people to build the right team for your business, whose experience ranges from university graduates to management skills, etc.


We swiftly inherit your company culture, providing on-site resourcing and great communications, specialising in understanding your business.

UK's Empathic Recruitment℠ Consultancy

Providing Specialist Resourcing and Internal Recruitment Solutions

What is Empathic Recruitment℠?

Positivity is contagious and so is negativity in a working environment. The path your team goes down is entirely influenced by who you recruit. Empathic Recruitment℠ focuses on finding the right technical skills and somebody with the best personality suited to your business.

We supply an interactive video platform alongside paper-based matching in the shortlisting process to deliver a technical, emotional and social competency matching mechanism. We also use artificially intelligent semantic searching software with job boards and social media allowing us to identify the best candidates.

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