Human Connections Matter When Recruiting

ByL J Doulton

Human Connections Matter When Recruiting

Skills are something you can learn, but fitting into a particular culture in a business is more often a case of you do or don’t and for candidates, it’s often a complete lottery. It’s an especially important consideration when looking to avoid a quick turnover of staff in the beginning months, so why is phase one of the recruitment process based purely on a piece of paper? It’s always worth establishing genuine connections with as many applicants as you can in order to find the right stuff which simply isn’t possible when looking at a CV.

Whoever you hire, will not only contribute to representing your company to your customers and other prospects, but they could potentially contribute to positive or negative change internally too. Negativity or unhappiness can be as contagious as a laugh or positivity, especially in office environments.

Our objective is to change the paper-based recruitment practices into a process that focuses on human connection and emotional intelligence.  When a candidate’s individual skills and qualifications match your job, it doesn’t mean they will match your team, direct report or overall company culture. We called the methodology of focusing on this in Empathic Recruitment ℠.

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